How to Use DMCASimple

It’s up to you to read through the policy and make sure its works for your website and your needs. Nobody provides any kind of guarantee that the policy will work, or work for you. Using DMCASimple certainly doesn’t make any of the lawyers or other people who’ve contributed professionally responsible to you.

To use DMCASimple as the copyright policy for your website, create a copyright policy page with content based on this template, and link to it from the bottom of every page of your site. Make sure to replace all the {placeholders}.

We follow the DMCASimple copyright policy at

The website is {address of your website, e.g.}.

The operator is {name of the person or company behind your website, e.g. "John Doe, resident of California" or "SomeCo, Inc., a New York corporation"}.

Our agent is {e.g. "Able Agent, 123 Main Street, Oakland, CA 12345,, 555-555-5555"}.

The first paragraph uses a legal technique called incorporation by reference.

The later paragraphs provide information that the policy needs to work.